Magic Floor

Magic Floor is a revolutionary next generation interactive play platform with endless possibilities! Use this technology to create large Interactive Floor surfaces. Magic Floor is revolutionary not only because of the technology inside, but also because it is the most practical, robust and fun motion platform for kids. Interactive Floors created with ABIS can convert any space into an unforgettable fun-filled experience. Low attention span of kids requires use of specialized systems and interactive content for their total engagement. Magic Floor has proved to be a healthy way of blending mental and physical activity unlike traditional methods. It improves collaboration, participation and cognitive skills in children. Variety of games and customizable templates creates hours and hours of fun and education for kids.

„This is one of the coolest tech innovations I've seen to encourage play and group work with kids in a long time! Excellent for Hospitals, play therapy centres, play centres, creches and primary schools for those rainy days when kids still need to get their energy out „

Gerardine Smythe from Kids Guide Dublin

„Magic Floor is a wonderful addition to Dreamland and all the children regardless of their ability or disability absolutely love it and the parents have great fun as well playing with their children. The place where I decided to put the game is also perfect as it gives great space for the children to move around while playing the games”

Shay Kinsella Share a Dream Funder

„We had a great time on Tuesday playing so many different games on interactive floor. Sweeping leaves, popping balloons, splashing water, playing football and trying out new tunes..... all from a very clever projector! It's on my list for Santa!!!”

Zoe from Little Monkeys Play Cafe

„We welcomed Magic Floor into our event and became amazed at how well it interacted with all children and adults that attended our event. An exceptional idea and a brilliant team who explain each concept of what the floor has to offer. Would highly recommend this to everyone!”

Lisa O'Brien MineVention Organizer